Child Therapy

Children use play, expressive arts and other evidence informed therapies to learn, grow and heal.

Teen Therapy

Teens make positive and lasting changes in their lives and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Family Therapy

Families create positive connections, build attachment and learn how to better communicate to improve family wellbeing.

Parent Consultations

Parents learn how to better support and understand their children, building connections and improving family wellbeing.

Workshops + Group Therapy

Families and/or children join group therapy or learn from one of our workshops in supportive environments that empower children and families to learn, grow and heal.

Ready to connect and heal?

We are a group of passionately, committed, highly-trained creative child, teen and family therapists serving clients in Waterloo Region.

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We help your child, teen and family live life to the fullest.

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Whether you are seeking therapy for struggles within your family, to deal with a particular issue, or want to learn how to better prepare for your family’s financial future, work on parenting skills, connect in more meaningful ways with your family, or help your child to learn, grow and heal, Bloom Child & Family Therapy’s experienced clinical team can help.