Financial Therapy

Financial Family Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that concentrates on the emotional dynamics, behaviours, and beliefs around your relationship to money and to help families plan for their children’s futures. In therapy, we will explore your beliefs around money and what influenced your views of the ways you raise your children and the ways you want to invest in your children’s futures.

Bloom therapists will help you to develop a healthier relationship to money, which will lead you to feel more confident and have open communication about money as you plan for your family.

Our hands-on approach looks at more than just money beliefs. We’ll also look at real numbers and consider your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and goals. At Bloom, you will learn how to plan for your child’s financial security and also learning how to teach your child about positive money management skills.

If you are new parents who are looking to learn and prepare for the birth of your child, are planning for your children’s education, want to plan for investment in a child’s competitive sport or the arts, want to help your child in the future with home purchases, weddings and other big life transitions, have experienced a financial change in the family or want your child or adolescent to learn to have a good relationship with money and good money management, financial therapy can help. Financial therapy is solution-focused and will help you get on track with your financial goals.

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Whether you are seeking therapy for struggles within your family, to deal with a particular issue, or want to learn how to better prepare for your family’s financial future, work on parenting skills, connect in more meaningful ways with your family, or help your child to learn, grow and heal, Bloom Child & Family Therapy’s experienced clinical team can help.