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Do you feel like you’re always arguing with your child or teen? Do you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over? Are you looking for a way to make talking to your kids a little bit easier?

Communicating with children and teenagers is hard enough, but your neurodiverse child or teen takes a special approach. For 4 weeks we will be looking at parenting with goal-oriented communication. Learn to identify and communicate your goals when dealing with your child while hopefully avoiding some of the emotional pitfalls. Explore different communication strategies and styles, while receiving the support and guidance of other parents and experts in the field. This group is open to parents and caregivers of individuals with neurodiversity. 

Are you a teen who is looking for a creative way to express your experiences? Do you love music and feel this would be a medium where you could express and process your feelings? Does talk therapy not fit for you and you would like to try something different?

This six week virtual therapy group will take you through the process of writing a song to support your mental health. The group will come away with a finished product that is representative each member’s experiences – a song that you can be proud to say you wrote with a group of peers. You will learn techniques for using music as a mindfulness tool, a bonding activity, and to boost your mood. This group will be guided and supported to ensure that no prior musical experience is necessary.

Have you ever felt “butterflies” before a big game, tensed up when startled, been nervous before a big test, or uncomfortable in a new setting? If you have, you’re not alone. Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety from time to time. It is our body’s normal response to challenging situations.

During the teen years, feelings of anxiety are common as they are often filled with new experiences, opportunities, and challenges. This is also the time for greater independence leading to increased responsibility and thoughts about the future.

For most teenagers, feelings of anxiety are short-term and go away on their own. For others these feelings may not go away and instead they may grow and interfere with their daily life.

Rise Up! is a group for teens (14-18) experiencing mild to moderate anxiety. Using a cognitive-behavioural approach the focus of this group will be to:

– Understand what anxiety is
– How to recognize when we are anxious
– Learn practical coping and relaxation techniques to work through feelings of anxiety
– Use evidence-based strategies to reduce symptoms and provide long-term relief
-Understand the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours
-Take care of ourselves

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